Our philosophy is to drive passion and ensure quality training and cafe experiences for all. We aim to teach employable skills through direct access to wider industry and provide practical on the job training in functioning hospitality and retail environments.

With over 25 years international experience hospitality runs in our blood.

We love coffee, we love people, we believe coffee is the perfect catalyst for social change and that through connecting over a cuppa can go a long way to righting the worlds wrongs.

Coffee Educators works in a collaborative fashion with a number of amazing organisations, The Lucy Foundation, IT Heavy Hitters, Key to Life, Deaf Aotearoa and Capital Training.

As leading industry trainers, we know the importance of tailoring our teachings to the learners needs, but as an employer we know the importance of having the needs of the business met to ensure streamlined processes, how to minimise wastage, how to maximise profitability as well as ensure happy staff and customers. 

Training is tailored to the specific needs of your business. We do not believe that one size fits all but we do however believe that forming a collaborative group of businesses can result in better buying power and a crossover of processes that mean you dont need to reinvent the wheel.

All resources produced for your business will be branded with your logo and integrated into your systems.

Our collective of businesses are striving to create a more diverse and engaging hospitality industry, that promotes inclusivity to those with a variety of abilities by working in your space, with your equipment, establishing your processes.

Claire has successfully taken cafes that have underperformed and transformed them into profitable businesses and she wants to offer all her learnings to you.

We specialise in working with your team to create a unique and memorable hospitality experience for all.