The Coffee Fairy

My name is Claire and I am the founder and director of Able Coffee Collaborative & Coffee Educators, now known as Able & Co. I have a passion for people and great service.

I have worked in the coffee and hospitality for 25 years internationally seeing cafes and restaurants come and go based on their management, staff and customer engagement.

Having owned a number of cafes I have a proven track record of taking businesses that are underperforming and making them unique and profitable.

I am passionate about diversity and inclusion and creating employment and hospitality experiences for people with disabilities, physical, neurological and psychosocial.

My work with the Deaf community has lead me to become fluent in New Zealand Sign Language and designed cafe specific teaching materials and resources to allow businesses to provide the same high level of customer service to all customers.

Diversability Award Winner 2015 & 2017

ACC Employer of the Year Attitude Award Finalist 2016

NZSL Employer of the Year 2015

NZSL Accessible Service Award 2018